“A Natural at Powerful Storytelling”

"I couldn't have asked for a better speech coach"

Dr. Linda Gannaway, Speaker, Consultant, and Author of The Power of Life Lessons: How to Learn Your Lessons and Create the Life You Want

“I couldn’t have asked for a better speech coach! Diane helped me take an ‘okay’ talk and turn it into an inspiring keynote — in a relatively short amount of time. She’s a natural at powerful storytelling, bringing her competence, intention and professional perspective into every aspect of her work. Working with Diane at the beginning of my speaking career saved me lots of mistakes and time. Highly recommended!”

"I’m Learning So Much From You!"

Roslyn Yee, Vibrant Health International, LLC

“I just can’t get over it! It’s amazing every week, going through your outline, reading your book … it’s like you are a master at this stuff! The way you lay everything out, and the energy, and the humour, you really know how people want to hear things!

It’s how you say things, and how you communicate so that people are interested, inspired and want to stick around. It’s so much in your head, but how do you say it in a way that really interests people? I’m learning so much from you and I love your energy and I love your sense of humour!”

"I Became a Better Person"

Martin Ricketts, Digital Samurai

“I understood myself a lot better after working with you on my story, actually I became a better person because of you. Thank you.”

"This is Phenomenal! You get into my head, and let me be myself"

Nicole Kraft, Sexual Esteem Educator

“This is phenomenal! You are amazing! You get into my head, and let me be myself. I struggled so hard with this before working with you. You saved me hours and hours of work and frustration!”

"The First 90 Minutes I was in Shock"

Tammy Sherger CEO, The Meeting Revolution

In preparing for my transition from my senior executive role and 25+ successful years in business I made a decision to start a revolution. The MEETING Revolution, the only roadblock is that the majority of people in companies “Hate” meetings so how was I going to overcome this disdain and have then buy in to my MEETING system that could transform their company?

I needed to make meetings a “sexy” and “interesting” topic. I had seen Diane’s work through a webinar and decided it was worth a try. Honestly I did not have high expectations, (sorry Diane) but I arranged a consultation call. In the first call I thought maybe she can help me, she appeared to intuitively get that I did have something important to share, but it did require a unique way to message it.

In that call I made the decision to have Diane work one on one with me to create my signature talk/ presentation a core piece of my business model. Honestly I still was not confident it would work I would have to say I was desperate. I sent Diane the work I had completed so far, I would like to note that I had spent close to 80 hours of my time on it already.

The first 90 minutes I was in shock, I could talk and she translated what I was saying in to an amazing story that I knew was the answer to my problem of how to make “Meetings” interesting.

When I received the first piece of work prior to our second meeting I was actually in tears, Diane had not only found the way to tell my story about meetings she had also captured the emotion that I felt. I am now more inspired, more confident and I cannot wait to deliver my presentation.

As for the return on investment, all I can say is WOW! I wish I had met Diane before I put in the 80 hours of work on my talk! I would already be delivering my presentation.

I know I will be doing business with Diane and her company again! If you have a story to tell (and we all do) and you cannot get the words from your brain to the paper you need Diane.

"I am still in awe"

Nola Peacock, CEO/Owner Confident Happy Kids

“Diane, thank you so much for all your help in putting together my presentation script. I was skeptical at first. I wondered whether I was prepared enough. Before our first call, I was feeling overwhelmed. You quickly put me at ease and through us just talking and you asking questions, my script was created quickly and easily.

You seemed to have a way of getting inside my head. You found the perfect way to word the message that I was trying to get across to my clients. I am still in awe at how easy you made it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. ”

"I Just Had the Best Conversion Rate"

Ian Dunsmuir, Advanced Healing Arts

"Thanks very much for working with me to write and critique my talk. I just had the best conversion rate I have seen in all my years of doing presentations. I am excited about moving forward and doing more!"

"Masterful Storytelling Direction"

Michal Ofer, Digestive Expert, Nutritional Consultant

I had been struggling to get my personal journey into a succinct ‘story’ for 6 months when I sat down with Diane. The entire process was enlightening, educational and truly transformational for me.

Diane listened, noted, wrote and finally revealed the true essence of what I was trying to convey in an emotional, enticing and riveting package that I will use in multiple applications going forward. Her direct questioning and active participation as I was explaining my journey allowed us to condense 30+ years of my life into under 10 minutes with every important and relevant fact covered.

My story is complex, and the subject matter sometimes uncomfortable and emotional to discuss, yet Diane made it interesting and accessible.Her writing skills and masterful story-telling direction will ensure that my audience will be engaged throughout – no boredom here. Even my husband wanted to hear the whole thing, twice!!!

Thank you Diane for creating a true masterpiece, a foundational piece of my business and my speaking that I know will resonate with many and support me in helping and changing the lives of others.

Diane has made my mission and vision all the more powerful and attainable with some great creativity, honesty, vulnerability and a true understanding of my core intentions. I now truly am a better story!

Sending a HUGE hug your way!!

"The Best Investment Ever"

Josephine A. Camilleri, CPC, ELI-MP Professional Life Coach

"As far as investments go, working with Diane  has been the best investment I've ever made in my career."

"A match to my spark"

Cindia Carrere, Couture Energy & Luxury Visual Branding

Diane Currie Sam gave me a gift. She presented me with a biography that made me step up. She didn’t just write me as I am today, she somehow glimpsed the future and created a statement that I now aspire to.

It wasn’t about flattery, it was about nailing it energetically. Her words are inspiring me to grow in ways I didn’t realize I wanted to until I read it. It was a match to my spark. Thank you Diane.

"The final outcome was really powerful"

Deborah Roberts, Prosperity Coach

Yes I knew my story but the clarity that came and just the weaving of different events with the final outcome was really powerful.

If you are wondering what it is you have to say or you feel like you know what you have to say, you don’t know how to say it. Come do this work with Diane. It’s worth it. It will be much clearer.

"Truly enjoyed working with you"

Steven Logreira

Thank you so much for helping me with putting together my presentation. Your approach was very unique. I love how as I speak in my own language you craft a story and put it in a way in which I know will engage my audience and give me a finished product at the end of the process. Truly enjoyed working with you on this.

"I've always known I have stories inside me ..."

Tracy Thompson, Business Health Body Wealth

I’ve always known that I have stories inside me but sometimes I have a hard time getting them out of my head and into the space. Diane is amazing for that and very very talented.

"I Feel So Relieved that it’s Finally Done!"

Carmen Dunn, Orthomolecular Nutritionist ,Nutritional Coaching for Professional Women

Before I worked with Diane, I was struggling with the underlying strategy and the order of how to communicate my bio and turning point story. In working with her, she knew exactly what to cut out, what to add in and what to put where, in order to get my story across effectively. I feel so relieved that it’s finally done. The story just feels right and it’s a load off my mind and to-do list.”

"We’ve grown our business because of your approach, and that’s very cool!"

Carl Scholz, Ardent Goods

“When we first talked to you, the notion of marketing yourself through a story seemed like a good way to present a brand and a company, but you’ve build an entire structure around it so now it makes sense!

We have organized stories, we have different kinds of stories, we know how they flow together and have continuity. We’ve grown our business because of your approach, and that’s very cool!”

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