What You'll Learn ...

  • Get The Master Template

    Learn how to orchestrate and shape a powerfully persuasive signature talk, so you can stop being the best-kept secret and get your message out in a big way.

  • The Signature Story Code

    How to incorporate stories into your talk... and the #1 story that you must get right for your BIG IMPACT speech (and how to tell it so the audience is eating out of your hands).

  • The Art of Persuasion

    How to get and hold onto people's attention with little known (almost hypnotic) audience engagement techniques (that are still fun and authentic).

Course curriculum

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    Write a Speech Workshop

    • Handouts for the Workshop

    • How to Write a Speech (Access Details)

Get Your Speech Written

"Great ideas to get you writing your speech instead of planning to write, thinking of writing, or dreaming of someday writing. Engaging, and inspirational. I highly recommend."